A chick from NYC. Currently studying Shamanic Herbalism. I take an interest in hand reflexology/chiromancy as well as a deep passion for a wide range of the occult sciences.
Here is a compilation of my interests, opinions, and likes. That includes celestial visions, wondrous landscapes of Earth, an eclectic taste in music, philosophies, etc.

(Corporeal Representation)



(Some Poetry)



Yo I’m outties, real talk. See ya after labor day! :DDD

Yo I’m outties, real talk. See ya after labor day! :DDD

Shit. So many opportunities. What will I chose? This is really difficult for me. I don’t know maaaaaaaan.



Casey Weldon

Artist onTumblr

His paintings distort our perception of any continuity between past, present and future. Instead, we find his characters in an enchanted world overrun with animal life. Digital glows emanate from the strangest places. Television color bars shine underneath a tree’s bark; the motif repeats again on the skin of a giant iguana perched on a phone tower. With this body work work, Weldon says he seeks to explore the intersection between nature and technology.